Interesting facts about kerala lottery winnings

The prospect of making money gets even more interesting! In this article, you will learn five of the most interesting things you probably didn’t know about winning the lottery.
You are more likely to become a movie star than to win a jackpot
There are a lot of things that can be obtained in comparison with winning the lottery of a multi-million dollar prize. The odds of winning the lottery jackpot in the US are about 1 in 259 million, which means, above all else, you’re more likely to be a movie star! You are also statistically more likely to win an Olympic gold medal or become president.

The lottery is just a temporary pass to a beautiful life

The Internet is flooded with scary stories in which lottery winners did not spare themselves, got into trouble and even died, instead of retiring ahead of time. The truth is most of the winners live their normal “average” lives after kerala lottery result today. It is estimated that about 70% of the big winners return to their original financial position within 10 years. So, if you suddenly win, you should not immediately quit your job.

You can cheat kerala lottery, but most likely it will turn out sideways for you

Everyone plays the lottery, but big money always reveals the worst in people. For example: in 2012, in the United States, the builder Americo Lopez was ordered to pay his employees $ 10 million after they lent him money for tickets, and he hid the 38.5 million winnings from them; In the same year, the British store owner, ironically nicknamed Lucky, tried to trick the old woman who won about 1 million pounds, claiming that her ticket was useless – the fraudster was arrested and sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

You can win more by driving slower

In Sweden, there is an opportunity to get rich quickly by daily slow car trips. In a successful attempt to reduce road accidents and reduce the average speed of movement, a “Radar Lottery” is launched in the country, in which the car numbers of those who do not drive like a maniac participate. The most interesting thing is that the lottery fund is formed from the payment of fines for those who exceed the speed. Ultimately, the better you drive, the better your chances are.

Americans spend $ 70 billion annually on the lottery

The only indisputable fact is that the lottery is a profitable enterprise, but only for its owner, and not for everyone else. There is a chance of winning once every 15 years, but despite this, more than $ 70 billion is poured into the lottery every year. CNN reports that more money is spent on the lottery than on books, video games, music, movie tickets and sporting events, and combined with low income, families end up spending about $ 200 on the lottery. It is assumed that this money goes to improve services such as education, but many are skeptical about this information.

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