Interesting facts about cidco lottery

Now you won’t surprise anyone with the lotteries, everyone has heard about it at least once, at least once, but played (even if only for fun). There are plenty to choose from, what lotteries are not there now. And it’s easy to play afterwards, just buy a ticket and see the results of the drawing. So then: reached the right age and forward, as they say, with songs.

But with all this, few people are familiar with the history of lotteries, and, believe me, it is more than fascinating. Who knows where the lottery came from? It is curious that the history of cash draws came to us from China. Yes, they even built the Great Wall of China with money from the lottery. Here is such a surprise. By the way, then they played like this: everyone who wanted to pool some money, and whoever wins was determined by the pigeon – whose house he chose as his landing site was the winner. By the way, by the way, the latter is not the only “brainchild” of lottery money, there are many such historical objects, just not even count. Although it is fair to say that ancient Greece and Europe also did not lag behind, gambling, to which nagaland state lottery can be safely attributed, were also popular there.

The name “lottery” came to us from Italian (lotto), which literally translates as “fate”

Who actually plays cidco lottery? Well, if you believe the polls, then most often these are pensioners and people with low incomes, and they can be conditionally divided into two categories: those who buy tickets for the sake of a joke and a share of excitement, and those who purposefully wish to win by calculating their patterns and giving themselves up this passion for years. It is a pity of course to upset the latter, but experts are sure that no such system in the lottery will give a result, they say it is physically impossible to calculate the next number. And to sum up, when buying a ticket, you should rely only on your luck.

And amazing cases of the latter were and were more than once. In 2000, a certain Larry from Illinois (United States) managed to win $ 363 million in the lottery! Moreover, from his words, he was not going to play, he just wanted to have a bite to eat with a hot dog for $ 2, and the seller did not have change from a hundred. The solution was found quickly – Larry just bought 98 lottery tickets and ate his hot dog, along the way winning a large sum of money.

There are a lot of cases of such total luck, but here’s what is curious: if you believe the statistics, only 30% of the recipients of large cash winnings are able to save and increase the lucky money. But the rest manage to become complete bankrupt in a couple of years.

Lottery history also knows many records. For example, in Greece, in just three days, lottery organizers were able to sell 100 million tickets with a population of 10 times less. Or here’s another: the biggest win is $ 365 million, and the winner was hiccupped for a week before they made him happy with the news.

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